Saturday, July 02, 2011

Home Again

After three weeks of travel, we are home again. The flight home was long — Innsbruck to Frankfurt to Las Vegas to Seattle — but because we were flying in daylight, it was quite beautiful. We flew over the Shetland Islands and Faroe Islands, but it was too hazy for good photos. Greenland, however, was much clearer.

Flying into Las Vegas also was quite beautiful but we were too tired to take pictures.

Friday, July 01, 2011

Dining in Innsbruck

We were fortunate to land in Innsbruck at the end of white asparagus season. We had cream of white asparagus soup (yes, that is a schmeer of cream on top).

And white asparagus with brown butter sauce.

They were for sale in the market. Note that the green asparagus cost more than the white.

Also in the market, beautiful currants.

Ice cream, of course. One shop, Amorino, presents its cones as a flower. In this case, a chocolate and Speculos (a spice cookie). Amorino has 20 flavors; you can have as many as you want on a cone. Not inexpensive, but very good ice cream.

It wouldn't be Austria without a good bread store. Not sure how good the bread is, but you have to love a shop with a pretzel-shaped door handle.